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The mauve, ocher  and white  colors of this abstract painting "Summer Night" recall the flight of a cockchafer in the middle of the night sky. The deep shades  of mauve  and ocher  mingle and intertwine, creating an effect of movement and rhythm. The white brings  touches of light and lightness, as if the cockchafer had left behind a trail of magic dust. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of the wings of the insect and feel the freshness of the summer night. The abstract and fluid shapes of the tableau nous  invite us on an imaginary journey, transporting us to a poetic and mysterious universe. Shades of purple and ocher recall the richness of nature with its deep and intense colors, while white symbolizes hope and purity. "Summer Night" is a work of art that embodies the beauty and magic of life that invites us to be carried away by our imagination. 

Summer night

SKU: 073
  • Acrylic on cotton canvas de 20 x20cm

    Original artwork handmade in 2023

    Style: abstract

    Thickness: 2cm

    This painting has received  two coats of varnish  at least.

    The colors may be slightly different although I try to stay true to the original. 

    The photos were taken before applying the varnish to avoid reflections. 

    The edges are painted black which allows it to be hung without a frame . 

    The hanging system is  supplied.

    A certificate of authenticity and an invoice will be attached to the shipment.

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