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Marie Nedelec

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My name is Marie Nedelec. I am a contemporary painter.

I have always lived in Brittany.   It's a region that I love and where life is good. 

I am currently retired and a self-taught painter.

I started painting in December 2019 although I had already made a few paintings in my youth with the means at hand, i.e. canson sheets stuck on wooden plates and gouache tubes. I seem to remember that I only had 2 or 3 brushes  in all. Already at that time, painting allowed me to escape. And then, I let myself be carried away by my professional and family life. much more space for this kind of leisure. 

At the dawn of my 59th birthday, a few months after my early retirement, I wanted to redo my interior decoration. I spent a lot of time looking for cheap contemporary paintings. I finally bought a triptych  (print on canvas) which disappointed me terribly. That's when I thought I could try to do my interior decoration myself . 

And I didn't miss the time because we very quickly entered into Covid restriction. More outdoor activities, more outings with friends. I threw myself  fully into my new passion. I learned about contemporary art.   I started to reproduce from photos then to follow   tutorials. Faced with the evidence of my lack of techniques, I followed paid online training. And little by little, I started to create and I wanted to confront myself with the opinion of people other than relatives. Very quickly, I joined many groups of artists which allowed me to move forward. I also thank on occasion all those who supported me and who still follow me today and also all those artists who share free tutorials on the creation of their works. It's really rewarding. 

Today, after several hundred hours of work, I feel ready to share my art with you. Dream and escape are the key words of my work. If you want to redo your interior decoration with original modern paintings go to my shop.  I hope you enjoy!

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