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 Ce tableau acrylique pas cher représente une plante grimpante dans les tons ocre qui   cherche à s'agripper but can't find anything to cling to. And faced with this distress she climbs, climbs towards the azure blue sky  until she runs out. Faced with the evidence of certain death, she seeks to reproduce herself. Fortunately, the wind  his friend is there to disperse his pollen in the air. The survival of the species is assured, but until when?


SKU: 008
  • Acrylic on cotton canvas of 30 x 40cm.

    Original artwork handmade in 2020

    Style: contemporary, abstract

    Thickness: 1.5cm

    This table received  three coats of gloss varnish.

    The photos were taken before applying the varnish to avoid reflections. 

    The edges are painted black which allows it to be hung without a frame . 

    The hanging system is not provided.

    A certificate of authenticity and an invoice will be attached to the shipment.

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