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This semi-abstract acrylic painting is a true delight for the eyes. Shades of turquoise, orange and yellow create a mesmerizing color gradient, evoking a summer wonderland. You could almost hear the sound of the flames in the night, while the reflections in the water give the impression that the canvas is in motion. The brown and gold background brings a touch of mystery, as if the scene takes place in an enchanted forest. This work of art is an ode to the magic of St Jean, where fire is the protagonist of an unforgettable night. 

The  subtle blends of colors recall the sparks of flames and the texture of the palette knife painting gives the impression that one can touch the shimmering gleams. The semi-abstract forms add an indescribable dimension to the whole as if the painting had its own soul. This canvas is a real visual poetry that transports the viewer into a dreamlike universe where everything becomes possible. "Petite féerie"   is an invitation to dream, escape and contemplation. A work of art that leaves no one indifferent and that will never lose its charm. 

Little fairy

SKU: 072
  • Acrylic on cotton canvas

    Original artwork handmade in 2023

    Style: abstract

    Thickness: 2cm

    This painting has received  two coats of varnish  at least.

    The colors may be slightly different although I try to stay true to the original. 

    The photos were taken before applying the varnish to avoid reflections. 

    The edges are painted black which allows it to be hung without a frame . 

    The hanging system is  supplied.

    A certificate of authenticity and an invoice will be attached to the shipment.

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